The KMPlayer

KMPlayer_EN_3.0.0.1441.exe (13,048,242Bytes)
CRC-32: 03df3f66
MD4: 6a49dfcbb0cbb3e81e41d8af2bbc32cc
MD5: 08a54eb44331c8e0463f1bc28340811b
SHA-1: ce5add36bd0ebd644e0710278c0acfc7326e367d
Updated items

1. URGENT - Fix MP3 file Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability.
2. Support DEC (NX) and ASLR.
3. Improve Haali's Video renderer compatibility.
4. .SPX file Supported.
5. Modify Advanced Playback Info.
6. Removed stuff/separate download.
7. MediaInfo.dll (ver updated.
8. Bass.dll (ver, Bass_alac.dll (ver updated
9. Advanced Menu is default.

The KMPlayer


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